Bringing Mother's Voice into the NICU

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Baby in an incubator with a pink blanket

smallTalk™ in the NICU

The smallTalk system enables NICU staff to bring each baby the neurologically rich voice of their loved ones right into the crib or incubator.*


*Patents pending in the USA and abroad.

A NICU stay can impact brain development

A stay in the NICU can be a major contributor to delays or impairment in the hearing and speech development of infants, due to reduced exposure to maternal voice. Maternal voice exposure is one of the basic neural building blocks critical for communication and overall brain development.

Mom sitting on a bed and speaking lovingly to her baby

The power of maternal voice exposure

Mother’s voice is proven to increase cardiorespiratory stability and growth, improve deep sleep, and even shorten the length of stay in the NICU. Preterm infants visited more often and exposed to higher amounts of maternal speech while in NICU have improved neurobehavioral and language scores at 18 months.

Easy to implement and nurse directed

As part of the smallTalk system, NICUs will receive a dedicated tablet featuring an app where Mom and family are guided through the recording of simple lullabies and stories. The content is then wirelessly stored on smallTalk’s egg-shaped speaker, ready for delivery to the infant.


With a tap of a single button on top of the smallTalk speaker, nurses can activate the stored recording which will play at a volume safe for NICU infants and shut off automatically after 20 minutes.


Throughout the infant’s stay in the NICU, healthcare professionals and family can review the frequency of use, share notes, and arrange for new recordings through the mobile app.

Bring smallTalk to your NICU

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