Foreign Language for Babies

Develop your baby's brainpower for language.
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How smallTalk™ Works

Baby’s Brain

Baby’s brain is primed for language development. Learning at this stage develops lasting pathways that wire the brain for future success.

Enter the Egg Speaker

Baby interacts with “lessons” in the language you choose. Lessons match growth milestones and are pre-recorded by moms in their native languages.

Active Learning

Baby takes the lead! Using smallTalk’s pacifier sensor with a Philips Soothie, baby chooses when and for how long to learn.

Brain Magic

When baby interacts to learn, their brain is creating lasting connections–language pathways that last a lifetime.

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The smallTalk Egg

 0 – 9 Months


A speaker designed for our tiniest humans, the smallTalk Egg is baby proofed. No wires, no small parts, and only Bluetooth low energy, safe for their developing brains. Paired with smallTalk’s learning library & pacifier sensor, the smallTalk Egg wires baby’s brain for a lifetime of language learning success!

Creating Bright Open Futures

smallTalk unlocks long term benefits through early language learning.

Language Learning

Attention Span


Musical Ability

Learning made easy with the smallTalk app

We are intentional about creating lessons that grow with your baby and give them just what they need for their language development.


You choose which language (or languages!) you want your baby to learn and our app works with the smallTalk Egg to curate, deliver, and track your baby’s progress.

Mom sitting on a bed and speaking lovingly to her baby

Language lessons recorded by real moms

All babies love (and their brains need!) “infant-directed speech,” that rhythmic, sing-songy tone adults naturally use to speak with babies. This is why our language lessons feature moms singing and reading to their very own children.


Our library of content includes lullabies, songs, and stories that are culturally relevant to the selected language and are recorded by moms in their native languages.

Introduce Your Baby to Foreign Language

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