Foreign Language for Babies
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smallTalk enables delightful, active engagement with foreign language for your baby.* Foreign language interaction creates new connectivity in the brain’s language center, unlocking proven lifelong benefits.


*Patents pending in the USA and abroad.

Baby-Led Interaction

Baby in charge! Each smallTalk product empowers your baby to truly engage with language. Our first product employs a sensor-equipped pacifier, wirelessly communicating with a beautiful egg-shaped speaker. When your baby sucks on the pacifier they are rewarded with 10 seconds of a lullaby, song or story in the selected language. smallTalk turns off after 20 minutes.

Premium Native-Spoken Content

All babies love (and their brains need!) “infant-directed speech”, that rhythmic, sing-songy tone adults naturally use to speak with babies. Our exclusive content features lullabies, songs and stories, recorded by a young mother in her native language.

Enhanced Brain Development

Play time is learning time! In 20 delightful smallTalk minutes, your baby is actively learning. Important and lasting brain connections (“synapses”) are created to recognize an expanded collection of speech sounds (“phonemes”) beyond the language or languages spoken in your home.

Language Immersion During the First 6 Months of Life is Scientifically Proven to Increase:

And icon showing a clock and an exclamation point

Attention Span

A white icon of a paintbrush and easel.


An icon showing musical notes

Musical Ability

Icon showing word bubbles in different languages

Language Learning

Engage with the smallTalk App

The smallTalk mobile app is your way to access our exclusive content. You select the language and the content wirelessly downloads and updates to the speaker. Want to record your own voice? Of course! Perfect for your favorite night time story, or a loving message from Grandma hundreds of miles away.

Built with Safety in Mind

As parents ourselves, we made sure smallTalk is built for safe enjoyment. The smallTalk egg-shaped speaker is designed to be a safe part of your home. No wires, no small parts, and only BlueTooth® BLE levels safe for the developing brain.

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