So you just had your first baby. You’re tired. You’ve been wearing the same clothes for days. You’re longing to take a vacation to the shower. And you’re likely questioning your every move.


“Am I doing this right? Am I good enough to raise this tiny little human? Am I giving them their best chance?”


Well the quick answer is yes. Your very desire to support your baby’s well being and your longing for them to reach their potential tells me that you’re on the right path.


Nurturing your baby’s development doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In fact, it comes quite naturally! We’re here to tell you that what your little one needs most is pretty simple. Baby craves it and you are made for it, because what they need… is you.


All of your little one’s senses are longing for all of you. Your voice. Your face. Your touch. Take these things, add a pinch of intentionality, and you’ll be setting them on their very best path.


Baby’s participation improves their learning and development, so anything you can do to engage their attention is a win. Sing them a lullaby. Tell them a story. Narrate as you go throughout your day. And don’t be afraid to exaggerate your expressions and turn on the baby talk. (Scientists call this infant-directed-speech and it is oh-so-good for your baby.)


Here at smallTalk, we spend most of our time talking about language development during infancy. More specifically, the idea of early foreign language learning and the benefits associated with a bilingual brain. But that might beg the question… if you are the best thing for your baby and you are not bilingual, how might you ever be able to provide such an environment for your baby?


Enter… the smallTalk Egg. It’s an adorable egg-shaped speaker, designed for baby’s little ears, that is controlled by a pacifier. When your baby sucks on the pacifier, the speaker will play 10 seconds of audio content in the language you choose which then fades away until your baby ‘asks’ again. Fun fact: The lullabies and stories available on the smallTalk Egg have been recorded by real moms in their native languages and speaking to their own little ones in infant-directed speech–sharing pieces of their culture with your little one.


Despite the beautiful content created by these women, we’re keeping you in the picture. (Because remember… you’re who baby wants most!) While your little one is engaging with the smallTalk Egg, they’re snuggled up in your arms. They’re watching the joy on your face while you watch the joy in theirs. They’re hearing your voice as you tell them what a great job they’re doing and how much you love them. It’s a bonding experience for both of you.


And the best part? Baby loves it and they’re gaining lifelong benefits… which is what we like to call ‘brain magic.’

Growing Up Brainy is brought to you by smallTalk. smallTalk allows your baby to engage with foreign language through play. This interactive language exposure during infancy results in what we like to call brain magic-- wiring your little one’s brain with the building blocks of a new language and gaining them a different and better brain for a lifetime. Look for our first product, the smallTalk Egg, launching this fall of 2021.

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