Exposing your baby to a foreign language will, of course, help your child learn that language later in life, but there are many other benefits that come when interacting with a second language during infancy.


These benefits are what scientists call “the bilingual advantage.”


Bilingual babies are:


Better Communicators
A bilingual baby’s brain has an increased “flexibility” and can more easily adapt to new situations making them more astute at communication.


Multitasking Masters
Learning two or more languages during infancy improves the part of the brain responsible for shifting attention, switching tasks, and solving problems.


More Creative & Musical
The parts of the brain impacted by learning multiple languages also give the added benefits of increased creativity and a better ear for music.


Language Learners
Bilingual babies not only find it easier to learn languages, but they also gain an improved ability to think about language and how it works.


Raising your baby to be bilingual gives them a different, better brain.


Learn more about the science behind bilingual babies right here!

Growing Up Brainy is brought to you by smallTalk. smallTalk allows your baby to engage with foreign language through play. This interactive language exposure during infancy results in what we like to call brain magic-- wiring your little one’s brain with the building blocks of a new language and gaining them a different and better brain for a lifetime. Look for our first product, the smallTalk Egg, launching this fall of 2021.

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