The smallTalk Paci™

Coming Soon in 2022

The smallTalk Paci fits insides a Philips Soothie, Gumdrop, or Jollipop pacifier. The Paci works with the smallTalk App to put your baby in control of their learning environment. We call this Baby-Led Learning because your baby’s suck on the pacifier triggers an audio lesson to begin, continue, and end based on their engagement.


The smallTalk App allows you to stream our content to any speaker device in your home to complete the lessons–allowing you to listen to our magical made-for-baby content wherever you go!


Baby-Led Learning

How Does it Work?

Simply listening to lullabies in a variety of languages isn’t enough. Just like older humans, your baby’s engagement in the material is what makes it stick. That’s where Baby-Led Learning comes in. The smallTalk Paci takes your baby’s engagement to the next level, and it’s supported by science!


The Paci puts your baby fully in charge–responding to your baby’s suck to start and continue a lesson in the app. Your baby’s brain is an amazing pattern recognizer and will continue ‘asking’ for more, creating an active learning exchange! This exchange ensures your baby is engaging with the lesson, the key to creating lasting brain benefits.


What is Your Baby Listening To?

Our exclusive content captures the magic between moms and their babies–singing and reading in their native language. You will be hearing the same types of interactions you would have with your own baby, just from another language and culture.


Why do we do it this way? Because how we talk to babies matters!


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The smallTalk Paci takes your baby’s engagement to the next level, and is coming in 2024!

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