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Bringing Mother’s Voice into the NICU

smallTalk is a system created for NICUs to help meet the developmental needs of their tiniest patients. The smallTalk system enables NICU staff to bring each baby the neurologically rich voice of their loved ones right into the crib or incubator.

Bringing Foreign Language into Your Home

Having researched the impact that early exposure to foreign language can have on an infant’s brain development, smallTalk is launching a consumer line of BabyTech products. Their first product, the smallTalk Egg, launching summer of 2021, enables babies to delightfully and actively engage with foreign languages before they are even 6 months old, creating new connectivity in the brain’s language center and unlocking proven lifelong benefits.

A Word From Our Co-Founders

My research is in neuroscience of developing infants, with a passion for understanding how we can harness the sensory system to help babies recover from brain injuries they have around the time of birth. I am fortunate to work on developing new technologies like smallTalk that you see can see on Netflix(r) BABIES: Part 2 that help parents to optimize their babies’ brain and body health. Sometimes the research I do is focused on finding new treatments and sometimes it is on detecting problems as early as possible so others can find new treatments.

Nathalie Maitre, MD, PhD

Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer, smallTalk

Nathalie and I co-founded smallTalk to translate the best science into simple, effective and accessible technology related products that support and enhance infant brain development. Seeing her work on Netflix Babies: Part 2 is both gratifying and inspiring. All babies are deserving of the best environment in their first months to maximize the development of their brain, whether they are in the NICU or at home. Our team at Thrive has created smallTalk as a result of her work, and we are excited to play a role in supporting parents and babies around the globe in this way.

Dean Koch

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, smallTalk

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