Mommy & Me at the Recording Studio

We are looking for mothers to be the voices of our smallTalk language learning library.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for mothers, specifically of children under 1-year-old, who are native speakers of one of our seven featured languages to take part in a recording session with their baby. You will be recording nursery rhymes, poems, songs, and lullabies. Your voice will be a part of our smallTalk library and will be used to introduce babies to languages from around the world!


One of these languages must be your first and native language: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin.

Bring baby along

One of the key requirements of the smallTalk library is that all content is recorded in infant-directed speech, commonly referred to as baby talk. This form of speech uses simplified grammar, higher pitch, repetition, shorter phrases, and positive emotional tone. Infant-directed speech is something adults naturally do when speaking to babies, however, we will have a coach available to help you nail it!


Also, to truly be infant-directed speech, you need to be talking or singing directly to your baby. To achieve this, we ask that you please bring your baby along to your recording session! If you are recording with us live in-studio, we will provide a baby-safe and comfortable space for the day including nursing and changing areas.

The Requirements

Dates: We will work with you to schedule a time slot that fits your (and baby’s!) schedule.


Location: In-person recording will happen in Northeast Ohio. Remote recording sessions can happen in the comfort of your own home!


Time Requirement: In person recording requires 2 hours in the studio with a goal of recording 25 minutes of content. If recording remotely, we will collaborate on a comfortable pace for recording and submitting your tracks.


Demographics: Mother of an infant (0-12 months) who is a native speaker of one of the seven languages mentioned above.


Mommy and Me: You must be able to bring your child with you to your recording session.


Photography/Videography: We will be taking photos and videos throughout the recording session for use in our marketing materials and social media. You must be willing to sign a release form for you and your child.


Interview: As part of your commitment, we would like to do a short interview with you. The intent is to feature the stories of the mothers who are the voices in our library.


Compensation: $10 per minute of recorded content. If you and baby are rockin’ and rollin’, you will have an opportunity to record up to 30 minutes. But if baby isn’t having their best day and we need to cut it short, no worries. We get it! We’ll compensate you for however many recordings we capture during our time together.

To Apply

Click to fill out the form and someone will be in touch shortly.

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