“Foreign Language for Babies.”


This simple statement is how we draw attention to smallTalk, but it begs the question… “Why?”


Why in the world has smallTalk taken the time to design products that let a baby play and interact with foreign language?


“Brain magic.” That’s why.


Did you know that infancy is the only time that language acquisition and brain development are intertwined? It’s true. Infants who interact regularly with more than one language gain lifelong advantages in nearly everything parents care about. (Longer attention span, creativity, and musicality to name a few.)


What’s happening is that an infant’s brain is actually gaining a superior “cognitive flexibility” as a result of the extra wiring and moving around of information when processing this second (or third!) language. So this early interaction with foreign language is literally creating a different, better, brain. (See? Magic!)


Fun fact: This is not true later in life, when instead you are using the brain you already have to attempt learning a new language.


Patricia Kuhl of the University of Washington calls babies “citizens of the world,” because all babies, everywhere, are born with an ability to differentiate every sound from every language. But in just 6-8 months, babies have specialized their brain to only distinguish the sounds of the languages they’ve interacted with, and they have lost sensitivity to perhaps 90% or more of our globe’s speech sounds.


smallTalk’s patent-pending, active learning product design empowers babies to “ask for” and listen to foreign language songs and stories. This engagement (this contingency) is what unlocks what we like to call “brain magic.”


smallTalk starts shipping the smallTalk Egg, our first product, this fall. We invite you to follow us, share us, watch us, and join us as we introduce language learning to the best language learners on the planet: Babies.

Growing Up Brainy is brought to you by smallTalk. smallTalk allows your baby to engage with foreign language through play. This interactive language exposure during infancy results in what we like to call brain magic-- wiring your little one’s brain with the building blocks of a new language and gaining them a different and better brain for a lifetime. Look for our first product, the smallTalk Egg, launching this fall of 2021.

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