The smallTalk™ Egg

0 – 9 Months


The smallTalk Egg wires baby’s brain for a lifetime of foreign language learning beyond the language(s) spoken in their own home.


The egg shaped speaker is activated by the suck of a pacifier, allowing baby to take the lead and promoting active learning.


This purchase includes 3 months of FREE access to the smallTalk companion app!


Coming Fall of 2021!

Creating Magic in the Brain

Learning Through Play

Listening to lullabies in a variety of languages isn’t enough. Baby needs to interact with what they’re hearing for real growth to happen.

Brain Connections

Interacting with a foreign language early ensures that baby will forever have the building blocks of that language in their brain’s makeup.

The Cherry on Top

Early language learning unlocks additional benefits such as increased attention span, creativity, and musicality.

Learning Time

Using the smallTalk pacifier sensor

When your baby sucks on their pacifier they are rewarded with 10 seconds of a lullaby, song, or story in the language you’ve selected in the smallTalk companion app. Baby learns very quickly and will continue ‘asking’ for more with the suck of their pacifier. (This is where the brain magic happens!)

Mom sitting on a bed and speaking lovingly to her baby

Start a Foreign Language Pathway

By using the smallTalk app to select the language you’d like your baby to learn, you will be starting them on one of our Foreign Language Pathways.


Our pathways curate and deliver lullabies, songs, and stories to your baby while tracking their progress and alerting you of milestones along the way!

Listening Time

Parents playing and smiling at their newborn baby

Create playlists for baby’s enjoyment

While learning time is creating lasting brain connections through play, listening time is an opportunity for baby to enjoy even more content just for fun!


Simply browse the smallTalk library within the app, organize some playlists, and upload them wirelessly to the egg speaker!

Mother at work recording her voice into her phone

Make and share your own recordings

Want to record your own voice and include some custom songs and stories in your playlists? Of course!


This feature is perfect for preserving baby’s nap time routine when you may not be available. Or for letting baby enjoy a loving message from Grandma hundreds of miles away.

Safety First

As parents ourselves, we made sure smallTalk was designed to be a safe part of your home.

No wires.

No small parts.

Bluetooth low energy, safe for a baby’s developing brain.

smallTalk shuts off automatically after 20 minutes.

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