5 Amazing Facts About Your Baby’s Language Development

by | Jun 14, 2021

Babies are the best language learners on the planet. Their brains are primed to develop language skills right from birth in ways that adult brains are not.


For instance…


  1. Your newborn baby can already distinguish the unique rhythmic patterns of the language they heard you speaking in the months before their birth.
  2. By the time your baby has started babbling sounds, they have already started learning abstract language patterns and creating abstract language rules.
  3. Language learning increases your baby’s attention to nearby objects. This cognitive attention-boosting by language is found in babies as young as 3 months.
  4. When your baby is babbling, they are experimenting. Babies babble both speech sounds and non-speech sounds and their brains learn to filter out which sounds do not belong to the language they are learning. (For example, some babies may practice raspberries during babbling until they learn the sound is not part of the target language.)
  5. By the time your baby says their first words, they are already able to understand a large number of words of their language, even if they aren’t able to say them all yet 🙂


Your baby’s brain is working harder than you may think and in really fascinating ways. Stay tuned for more of these tidbits here on Growing Up Brainy!

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